Authorized Retailers

Thank you for visiting the official Exuviance® website. Exuviance® products are guaranteed only when purchased through an authorized retailer or authorized physician. To ensure your products are authentic and of high quality, please purchase only through an authorized source.

To find an authorized skincare professional or retailer near you, please visit our Retail Locator for Exuviance® brand products.

Authorized Exuviance® Retailers

The following online retailers are authorized by NeoStrata Company, Inc. and carry a large selection of Exuviance® products. In addition to the specific web sites listed, some physicians that are authorized to dispense Exuviance® products may also sell these products on their own web site. If a physician is clearly identified on their web site, and that physician is listed in our physician locator, you may be confident in the Exuviance® products you purchase from that web site.

Unauthorized Exuviance® Retailers

Unauthorized retailers do not have direct access to Exuviance® products or to our educational resources. They have no business relationship with our company. As a result, they may be selling expired or spoiled products. NeoStrata Company, Inc. cannot vouch for these products, as they cannot be confirmed as genuine. Further, since these retailers do not have access to our educational and training resources, they cannot provide the professional consultation and information that is vital to the proper use and ultimate effectiveness of Exuviance® products.

The following online retailers have no relationship with NeoStrata Company, Inc. and are some of the online sites which are NOT authorized retailers of Exuviance® products. This is not a complete list and there are other non-authorized sites. We cannot vouch for the authenticity or condition of the products they sell, and we are not responsible for products purchased from these web sites.



Misrepresentation: An online store may present itself as an authorized retailer of Exuviance® products, even if it is not. Please verify with our list of authorized online retailers or physicians or contact us to be certain ( Displaying Exuviance® products on a website is no guarantee that the retailer is authorized.

Warranty: Products bought from a non-authorized retailer do not carry the original warranty. This means should you purchase from a non-authorized retailer and encounter a problem with the product, you must return to that retailer for assistance, and we cannot guarantee the quality of assistance you will receive.

Old or obsolete products: It is not uncommon for non-authorized retailers to show and sell old, improperly stored, expired or obsolete products they may have acquired from a third party. To be sure of what you are buying, verify that the product is current, and matches what it is on, the official company web site for Exuviance® products or contact us directly at

Counterfeit and defaced products: You should be aware that buying from a non-authorized retailer exposes you to the possibility of purchasing an item that is not a genuine Exuviance® product. Or your purchase could be defaced, as we have seen many items with lot codes that have been tampered with or removed altogether.

Unfair commerce practices: Non-authorized retailers do not respect the obligation our authorized retailers have to market and sell our products properly. You could be exposed to bait and switch, where one product is advertised but not available, and where you are directed to buy another product, possibly from another brand.

You could also see non-authorized retailers advertising products they do not have in stock. This tactic is sometimes used by unscrupulous retailers to build traffic on the reputation of higher-end brands, which they are not authorized to carry.


Diversion occurs when products are sold in unauthorized places. Since these unauthorized retailers have no relationship with our company, we do not know the source of the Exuviance® products they are selling and consider them to be diverted.

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. This means if you buy our products from an outlet other than our authorized partners, we cannot guarantee that products are authentic or that they will perform as tested.

If you buy from a non-authorized retailer and it closes shop shortly after, you will have no recourse. If you buy from one of our authorized retailers and it closes shop, we will be able to support your product and assist you in finding an authorized retailer to help you with any other needs you may have.