Toner By Skin Type

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Step 2 in your daily skincare regimen should be a facial toner. A toner removes excess makeup and debris that may have been left behind after cleansing and prepares the skin for what comes next—a serum and/or moisturizer. Most are formulated to help restore the skin’s natural pH balance and enhance overall skin clarity. Choose a toner that best compliments your skin type: sensitive/dry or normal/combination.

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Sensitive/Dry Skin

Hydrating alcohol-free toners are best for dry or sensitive skin, helping to provide a hydrating boost while restoring skin’s optimal pH balance. Look for formulations containing polyhydroxy acid and skin soothing botanical extracts. Choose an alcohol-free toner for dry or sensitive skin.

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Normal/Combination Skin

Hydrating toners are best for normal and combination skin. Look for formulations containing ingredients like glycolic acid and polyhydroxy acid to help restore the natural pH balance and enhance overall skin clarity.